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Scritto da Valerija Brkljac   
Sabato 09 Ottobre 2010 10:36

Borzoi who wrote books

Palm reading book

One note to pay a debt of gratitude.

In the early '80s even Belgrade looked to the free market. My idea was to found a publishing house and to inaugurate my catalog in a big way, that means in a way appropriate to my ambitions, but also to my limited financial resources, compared to the size of the project. I had just graduated in literature. So, I needed to find what to publish, as well as I couldn't afford to pay a good author book to begin with.

First I decided to rearrange the furniture in my home, to move in this way also the obstacles in my mind, so the rest would come later. At that time I shared my work space and my life with a beautiful Russian female windhound, known also as a borzoi. Happy of confusion and adventure that was preparing, she was running in the room, when suddenly she dropped on a mountain of books, my manuscripts and notes from the "University time" (a bit after graduating). Ashamed for the trouble she caused, she was standing on top of the papers scattered on the floor.

I've turned and saw her with the paw resting on a notebook where was written: "Palm reading". I had forgotten about this research, but her magic paw indicated me the way. Here was missing only the touch of that paw to permit the book to came to the light and me to open the catalog of my Yura Borzoi Publishing House.

Five edition of this book sold something like 100.000 copies (one is Serbia and four in Italy - "La Tartaruga Edizioni" e "Baldini & Castoldi Editore").

For a twist of fate copyright belongs to her, who had taken the name from a beautiful Jewish protagonist of one of the four novels of the "Alexandria Quartet" by Lawrence Durrell. Coming into the life from a book, she ended her life entering into the another. She is always in my heart...


Her name was JUSTINA Zdrebanska

Valerija & Justina

Me and Justina in Belgrade


Justina, in the middle

My mother in our garden with Kasim, JUSTINA and Pisti

Kasim was a Grandfather of Baghy, Justina was a mother of Pisti (Akakakij Francesco Yura)

Borzoi who wrote books

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