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Inner peace is the quickest route to any goal PDF Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Valerija Brkljac   
Lunedì 07 Settembre 2015 23:26

Hurried People

Iím thinking how some people around me are without peace, directed to the unknown directions ... If you ask those "hurried people" about their goal, they do not know, but they are all "projected" somewhere. And the fact that somehow they do not arrive anywhere, usally results with "the others are to be blamed". Negative life situation, they say, "imposed by the current situation", and who knows who else. But is it really "imposed" by "higher forces"?

Fear is our friend

If they think about it deeply, they realize that it's not true! But, the fear makes them run and run, from one situation to another, more "shiny" if possible. The fear is not the sword, nor the whip. The fear is our friend! Yes, you've red well! The fear is our guardian who warns us that the ground where we put our feet is not our "farmland", but "social land" or "someone else's land".

Peace is the quickest route to any goal

We need to "buy the ticket" to pass! Means, we need to learn "how-to" cross that ground and salfely pass to the point we are directed to. But, very often, we simply don't care or we don't want to see those who are there! Like in our car, on the street, where we are overtaking other traffic participants, or do not allow them to pass before us, even though we only use the same road and not go to the same target. Why? Because the "traditional" societies, through media, tought us not no see the other people, but ourselves and our needs.

Social Networks and Friends

Social Networks are teaching us today to see the others. All Social Networks are born from our need to comunicate. So, the main principle that guides any comunication is to be friendly! We have to pay attention to other people, yes, in order to avoid those who have no good intentions, enough consiousness or knowledge.

There are also wonderful people around me, those who can "see", as you see them, they see you. I usually call them friends. I love when I run into the inner light of these people, and I admire it. I'm fascinated by the light of the soul. One would in ordinary life call it "charisma", but it is only one of its plans or levels. With the light goes much, much more. But it is revealed, word by word, slowly and in moments, in time ... first as friendship.

Books and Nature are our best friends

Books are our heritage. I think often about new forms and new ways of "writing" our stiries. I think about how I love to read books and enjoy the beauty of the nature. I hang out with them. They brought me up. That's how I look at the world, always impressed by its beauty, and for that is "to blame" the books and the nature. Whenever you need an answer you can ask yourself: "Where I'm going? And the answer will arrive! Trust me!

Sit and Talk to Your Self

Our inner world, our "unwritten books", our "search engine", our "Oracle", it's all in us! Just ask yourself: Quo Vadis (put here your name)? First we have to learn how to communicate with our Self! Winning the "Life Game" starts with that Dialogue! Where we do not communicate with our innner Self, we leave the "chair" to our Demons! Their talks are always "enemy talks"! We can't leave our Self to someone else! Sit and Talk to Your Self!

If you want to get somewhere you don't need just Time, Skills or Resources. You need the Peace ... Inner peace is the quickest route to any goal...

Inner peace is the quickest route to any goal

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