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Scritto da Valerija Brkljac   
Sabato 28 Marzo 2015 21:19

New app Periscope is on stage. Only for iOs, but already made a revolution. The old TV is history from now on. New TV is a Real Time TV and hyper-interactive, where users are broadcasters, participants, and viewers.

You are TV - You are Broadcaster

Finally, the Revolution that ended the old world has arrived! It's called Periscope and was released 19 hours ago. Among the first in Italy, I saw Fiorello, an Italian showman, who was clever enough to put in the title the hashtag #periscope in order to appear in searches. Insofar as I can in my small way, I have made my first broadcast from my balcony early in the morning, as you can see in this foto, and without saying the word. I did it on purpose to remember the first silent films, to emphasize the historical distance between two events. 45 live viewers and 28 hearts. Not bad for the view of the courtyard and the pigeon.

Valerija on Periscope

To explain what it is in practice, it is similar to the old TV for the fact that somebody is 'transmitting', but all the rest is different, as being hyper - interactive, unlike the old TV that made us passive consumers, here YOU are TV! Each user is the broadcaster! The experience is to live in a direct transmission, in real time, from any part of the world and what you want. And not only. While transmitting, people interact with you and ask you questions like in a chat - writing - and you answer speaking, being a broadcaster! If they like your story, they will touch the screen on mobiles and will assign you hearts, floating on the screen in the color of your profile. You can choose the transmission by 'place' or 'title' or by 'name' that is the same as Twitter account. Because Periscope belongs to Twitter, on Periscope you have your Twitter name. Application is now only on iOs, but soon will come also for Android.

While you're there, connect with me on Twitter and Periscope: @Valerija


Partnership between Twitter and Google

Remember when Facebook acquired Instagram? Then you understand the type of union. But here there's more! You know that one swallow does not make spring. So, talking about the Revolution, behind this historical event is also a historic agreement, I'd say, because Google and Twitter become a partner! Why Twitter has allowed Google to enter its " firehouse", providing access to the stream of Twitter and its 9,000 tweets per second?. What does this mean?

Nobody wants the old information... Google is "Information" par excellence. Talking about the "old" information, I am referring to information of an hour ago! I'll talk more about this in another article. What comes out of this agreement is important - what counts is: NOW! REAL TIME!


How Periscope was born

Periscope as an idea was born about a year ago from the idea of Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, who wanted to create a vehicle that would allow to see the world through the eyes of others, something approaching the teleportation! Maybe, but here to be teleported in history are the classic TV that will make its 'noble' closure step by step. Maybe now we do not realize, but the classic "journalist", the role, now goes down in history along with the "imposing" TV, to leave the main role to interaction, to direct communication. Now it's the two-way road.


NOW TV - Real Time TV

The well-known Serbian poet Branko Miljkovic once wrote : "One day everyone will write poems". That day has arrived, maybe not all are the poems, but the world will be smaller and will fly in education as the jet (see video - link below). If I think this way, it's because I can see the positive in this historic event, the beginning of a better world for all. The endless struggle between those who are attracted by death and others attracted by life goes on..., but this is a big step forward, a positive step for those who want the same opportunities for all. Provided if we are ready to invest in the Knowledge - the goods of the new world. Leaving behind the "World of Things".

Where to find Periscope:

Take APP here: Periscope

Visit site: Periscope

On Twitter: Periscope

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Note: This is translation of my article written for my TeslaLUX site in Italian - ARTICOLO IN ITALIANO.

You are TV

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