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Scritto da Valerija Brkljac   
Mercoledì 14 Marzo 2012 18:09

Abundance is our Future

Why should we be optimistic?

Our world is special! Yes, that's right! We have experienced the change of the century, the change of the millennium and something that only the good fortune could allow us to live: the change of the civilization!

Peter Diamandis

Many people now look at these changes in a negative, crises optic, unable to empathize with the real key of our time: positive thinking people, being inspired and the creativity! Sometimes it's hard to look on the bright side of the medal if you have nothing or if you've lost what represented your stability. Similarly, starting from scratch is a Must, the second side of the medal, because if you don't decide for the positive side, for the meaningful things of your life, the future will be hard to live! Now everything is faster, requires readiness, knowledge and desire to live in peace with ourselfs and the new times. Like the huge wave, you can't contrast the wave, but you have to "cut" it and than jump on your "mind-board" and ride the wave!

How to handle the negativity

Who does not, who choose the negativity, attack others because the habit of "non doers", what requires to blame the others and not to take the responsibility, will "taste" the defeat. Being on the wrong side also means not seeing who's next to us, if not only as a victim! This way of thinking, in negative key, gives only the conflict as "a solution" and the harming the others. But the change is too positive to make the negative enegry to survive. Negative energy for its nature will "eat" negative people!

Only positive thinking people, with the ability to get out of selfishness optics, will arrive to the abundance! Thinking "I can not make it" is also "ego" resisting habit to close ourselves into inner prison! Go out of it with a decision, with a blind faith, but also THINK!

Trust your inner-self

"Pose" your thoughts in your heart and ask yourself: "What I'd like to do really?" And the answer will arrive to your mind! We all know perfectly well what we are able to do, what we would like to do, regardless of our fears. About fears: surround yourself by the people who think positively and you will see how your potentials become more clear to you! This way optimism will return to you! And don't forget: do not allow negative people to steal your energy! Even when they say: "are you sure you can make it?", it is negative! Just answer: "Doesn't metter, It's important to be "on the road"!"

Everything else will be lost in the dust ...your "friens" who never incurage you, but doubt, envious, because simply not useful for the new times. Because the Ego-based time is dying! The ego-based society is over! You have enough to SHARE, to GIVE, to LIVE!

In this video we'll see what Peter Diamandis has to say about it!

From Wikipedia: Dr. Peter H. Diamandis (born May 20, 1961) is considered a key figure in the development of the personal spaceflight industry, having created many space-related businesses or organizations. He is the Founder and Chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation, an educational non-profit prize institute whose mission is to create radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.

Abundance is our Future

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