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Scritto da Valerija Brkljac   
Domenica 26 Agosto 2007 16:42

Lady Di – The Story of a woman who challenged her Destiny

On the 31 of August Diana Spencer died in Paris in a mysterious car accident in the company of her friend Dodi Fayed. Looking at her palms, this mystery seems less mysterious.

State Secrets

Lady Diana
Lady Diana

Examining videos of the hands of a person who is no longer alive, presents no problem but if her death is caught up in some form of a “state secret”, the task of reading palms becomes a professional challenge. Interpreting Diana’s palms involved unravelling a set of intriguing circumstances which lead to an inevitable question: was her death a tragic play of destiny or the fruit of a vile plot.

Diana and Dodi

And why would anyone have wanted to kill the princess? The royal family had already distanced her from court; she was unhappy, so unhappy that she desperately sought a companion, that companion turned out to be Dodi Fayed, a man originating from a world so different from her own. Dodi was no heir to a throne but in his heart he knew how to love Diana, a love that she desired and dreamed of. What a perfect love story!…and that’s how the newspapers recounted it.

The preparations that preceded the analysis

Videos of the hands of Lady Diana weren’t so difficult to find; the difficult task was gathering the data: videos were necessary of specific time periods to enable work on the 3 main fazes of the research:

1. A video taken 2 months before the incident

2. A video taken a month before the incident

3. A video shot a few days before the incident.

Having obtained the specific videos, work could begin. Clip by clip I studied the composition of the palms, their form; the principal lines leading to the secondary ones and ending with the more particular signs that together could reveal some new element or advance a new idea.

The analysis in all of it’s fazes

It is not certain that signs you are looking for will actually be found, in fact an expectancy of finding something may prejudice your reading and tumble you into a trap.

I started with the clips taken 2 months before the tragedy. What the newspapers were writing about the princess did in fact show up in the character configuration of her palm. She was destined to be a huge success; the “truth line” was long and thick. The only element which appeared obscure but nonetheless profound, was her apparent unhappiness, emerging from a combination of lines and marks.

A mark on the life line

At first it seemed that on Diana’s palm there were no telltale signs of her fate but a clip caught my attention; on the life line at the point which corresponded to the date of the tragedy and precisely a third of the way along the thumb and down towards the base of the Mount of Venus, partly hidden in the shadows, appeared a sort of star, particular in it’s form: I had found the car crash. Since Diana died in the accident, I took the precaution of verifying the fact from every angle. It is well known that Diana “sensed” some sort of accident. Having examined her palms this “6th sense” I believe, was indeed an extraordinary foresight into her future.

After examining the clips of one month before the tragedy, I was able to confirm my findings without a shadow of doubt. The death of Diana had actually been announced ahead of time on her palms.


What exactly did Diana sense?

Based on her “feeling” she would have been suspicious and afraid of anything that was unfamiliar or out of place. She was fighting an unknown enemy over which she had no power, and even had she known the true nature of the enemy she was totally unable to control it. A visit to a fortune teller prior to her death confirms Diana’s last hope of mitigating her fate.

Does destiny exist? When “feelings” reach us, are we in fact sensing it’s parameters? Can one change one’s destiny?

I continued studying the princess’s palms in search of other clues: I decided to have a look at Dodi’s palms and see if by chance there was any similarities, they did, after all share the same fate.

Dodi and Diana
Dodi and Diana
The mark of Destiny on the palms of Dodi Fayed

My first glance fell on the life line, I was shocked: 2 months before his death, there was no sign of any impending doom. I then looked at those of a month before he died; and there it was, the identical mark I had found on Diana’s palms.

Why was there a discrepancy of a month between the two marks? Perhaps there was something on Diana’s palms which would solve the mystery: I looked carefully, there was indeed something which seemed to stare at me but I had failed to see it. I turned again to the palms of a month before her death and began re-reading them from the beginning:

The Big Secret Finally Revealed

Strangely, I had the impression of looking and yet not seeing, right in front of my eyes, as clear as the light of the sun was the probable cause of the death of the princess: Diana was expecting a baby; it was her third child, a boy. The mother of the future king of England was expecting a boy, a half brother to the sibling princes and a muslim.

In a world where protocol is everything, how could Dodi and Diana have broken the rules so severely? And did they realise that in doing so they were opening up a new path in history? A very dangerous undertaking to be sure.

WHO would allow such a thing to happen”? The answer lies in the question: “WHY did the sign of the impending tragedy only appear on Dodi’s palm ONE MONTH before the tragedy”!


God made a promise to man that nothing would be hidden from him, so he wrote on his palm all the secrets of his life from birth to death.

He wrote on Diana’s palm that she would also have a girl, her forth child.

Life seems more incredible than the wildest journalistic dreams.

Diana’s tragic death revealed the time limit in which she would live; but it also calls to mind a famous scientific law: “every action causes a reaction”. One day the truth about Diana’s death will find it’s way back to us, for truth is only a matter of time. In this world, there are no hidden plots, but there is time… marked by man’s limits, limits by which he himself lives.


Lady Diana - The Mysterious Princess

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