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Scritto da Valerija Brkljac   
Giovedì 29 Maggio 2008 11:22

The use of Mental  Magic in the conquest of power

This article is a traslation of an article written in February 2008 in italian language  

Case of Axelrod and Obama

What is the Mental  Magic

The Magic is the hidden wisdom that is supposed being  possessed by the Wizards and refers to the occult powers of the nature and the ability to govern its secret forces. The word itself comes from the Persian word "magician" which means "the priest." Persian Priests  were a true caste that ruled behind the throne and were respected to the point that "the magician" was synonymous of "wise".

The great men of history have always been skilled in Mental Magic. The Mental Magic is neither good or bad, but it can be used for both purposes. Today the Mental Magic is used more than ever, even if many people even deny its existence, thanks to a vision loaded with prejudices, or because hide its existence and its use, means protect own power. There are many to which is convenient to hide its existence.

Some of its principles are used mainly in commerce and advertising, but many do not know that behind the scenes its use is very different and much wider. Especially in politics. For this reason we should know it better, in order to protect ourselves better from its improper use. Not knowing it, exposes us to danger. Knowing its basic principles will help us to enjoy the benefits that are still reserved for the few. In fact, ignorance of many is the luck of a few.

The Mental Magic is, like said, the wisdom hidden and means consciously use, manage, implement and govern certain mental forces, which are called "hidden", that our race owns and uses, whether consciously or unconsciously. Knowing and using the principles of these forces and apply them intelligently means having Power.

David Axelrod, the Great "Wizard" of our time

The man who created the Obama phenomenon is called David Axelrod. But if you ask people around who he is, rarely could find someone who knows.

All my interest in Axelrod began after the analysis of palms and hands of Hillary and Obama, which I made in the TV show "Markette" of Piero Chiambretti.

From the facts emerged, there was no doubt that Hillary was the better candidate. But in the following days, Obama has made a comeback almost epic. How he could make it if he did not have the abilities? Even the famous Italian political analyst Sartori, who spoke after me, had said something like: "Obama is an empty container and dark, where you can also throw the garbage of Naples."

In my experience that exceeds  the 30 years with more than 10,000 persons analyzed, I had clear that a response had to be, but had sought elsewhere.

Behind the scenes

I turned to newspapers and sites where Americans treat the arguments  of politics.
First I discovered is that behind every candidate there was a team of experts, political and media strategists.
Second, each team was created around a single person. Around  Hillary was Penn and for Obama, Axelrod.

 Who is Obama?

Few things we really know about Obama, despite the fact that at only 45 years, he already had two autobiographical books.

Born from Kenyan father, black Muslim, and the mother, white Christian. Has the same name as his father, added only Jr. (junior). Obama often stresses the significance of his name, Barack, but only now, sure of victory, begins to show even his middle name, Hussein.

From 6 to 12 years is said he went to  Islamic madrassa. But it must be said that this seems more than normal, as he  went to to school in Indonesia (Jakarta), where 86% of the population is Muslim. There he moved with his mother and stepfather.

Any kind of attack on him is almost nuisance to people. We can say that is what one feels in the presence of a myth already "packaged". At this point we wonder if we can or not questioning the origins of Obama, his half Muslim and half Christian, in light of a childhood signed by many important changes.

Or we are supposed to believe that these radical changes, in a period of childhood crucial for growth,  in the future can not become the source of a big contradiction inside Obama?

As ever, there has not been discussed much of his real experience, he must have necessarily as being a lawyer? Nobody ever said what is crucial in his curriculum vitae? Or where he get the money for  its campaigns. And we do not know what's his in them.

Meanwhile, without notice, we are undergoing  defence of myth and now has been added also the fear that someone could kill him? Is it perhaps a subtle invitation to someone, trying to "baptize" a myth created with so much effort by Axelrod? To "close the race" in favor of Obama, in case it turned  bad for him?

 With the "Hope" against the "Fate"

There are two reasons why I try to "hurt" the image of Obama, engraved so well that regardless of the difference between people, all they see him in the same way!

We forget that Obama is NOT Kennedy and nor Martin Luther King. He is one that  without many scruples “dress”  Kennedy and King and will dress all others that will be useful tomorrow, like  Arabian in 2006 during his visit to Africa. They (Axelrod and co.) try to make us believe that he is "the natural result" of all these great characters put together.

And not only. His "hope" is of such magnitude that there would be a miracle: to convert the producers of weapons in constructors of the country.

Then, there would also be another reason not to join the "hope". Because of the life cycle calculation of both candidates.

The life cycle of Obama started to go down few days ago, and will be worse in the next two years, while Hillary’s is up from the beginnning of March 2008 onwards, going to grow for a very long time and will be fruitful from the point of view of personal energy. The maximum her vital cycle strength will reach during the first day of the month of November 2008! Just when America  elect the new President of the United States.

From the data emerged, seems to me that Axelrod is doing everything to steal what the "Fate" has designed for Hillary. And also have the nerve to complain (Pluff, a member of Obama’s team) for superdelegates, which could give priority to Hillary! Of course, the truth won’t be late to arrive, to confirm or deny. One can win in any way or by any argument, but then the true nature of the person elected to guide, will comes out fully. And not only that.

I mean, the election of Bush is the victory of the genius of Rove. While the job of Bush is the true image of Bush himself. However, the means that Rove has used are legal, while in the case of Axelrod is not so. From a tree of evil is never born fruit of good. What else can we expect?  Today is 28. February 2008.

The modern times: Everything Immediately

The work of Axelrod for Obama is the image of our time:  everything and immediately and apart from.

The growth phase becomes at the same time the phase of affirmation and experience.
But Axelrod has put his knowledge into a person who becomes his actuator - actor and the symbol together.

After seeing his hands and palms, what can we expect from Obama? Who guarantees that there he won’t be the "black man" of the 21st century?

By what means will leave the U.S. from the tomb of recession if it he has not done anything even for blacks of condominiums that were under his jurisdiction, managed by Rezko, his loyal supporter and "found raiser" (people living in the middle of winter and frost). This didn’t hurt sensibility of Obama?

He “exhibited” against the war in Iraq in 2002 and then what he did while he was sitting in the Senate for seven long years? A simple: "Present". How? He had nothing to say? No videos from Axelrod to us to see?

What seems clear is that in him there are all the contradictions that are just waiting the right moment to exit. And the effective power not only permits it, but “calls” it.

What is the magic?

The words by themselves are not magical, but their influence depends on the feelings connected to them.
Here counts the capabilities of who suggests. Count the choice of words, intonation, manners, the look, behavior, the gestures.
The trick is to connect all this with a character, so that the impression we have is the truth. The symbol should appear reality!

The ability oratory is an example of how this type of mental magic functions. Cold words are banned, together with abstract and should be used only those that are symbols of deep feelings and emotions.

"Nothing is so incredible that the oratory can not make acceptable," said Cicero.

Skillfully  tuned words, phrases are awakening emotions and passions. They must be words that are both the symbol of mental states and reproduce them. If they are used by one who has the right voice, loaded well, physical attractiveness, is going to fall any kind of reasoning and nobody who is not prepared for this kind of seduction, can not resist. Because when the sentiments are affected, the ratio will have little power.

So, when the emotional pole is struck, usually follows an authoritarian statement, or a command, and the game is over.
We know that there must be the ratio to command, not our emotional nature. But no one teaches us how we can do it.

Every time when one has an emotional blow, feels attracted to someone or something, should learn to stop and reflect. Not all of these "hits" are for our good.

Is Penn mighter Than Axe?

This title, borrowed from Newsweek (the article by Jonathan Alter of 12 January 2008), shows us who is really in a struggle for power. With a play on words, which are derived from the names of the protagonists, we will see if “ Penn is stronger than Axe".

Undoubtedly, the struggle for the White House is the struggle between strategists (including whole team around each one of them), while the candidates should interpret their roles as better possible.

The arguments refer to the ratio, the capacity to reason and it is precisely this that makes Hillary, having the experience, which is the Achilles heel of Obama. But people find hard to reason.

The real problem for Hillary is that the arguments not refer to emotions, which are inducted by suggestions and other forms of Emotional Induction. Axelrod knew that and exploited better what Obama had to offer: its physical look, his voice, age and the fact of being born black.

Axelrod’s  "Winning Cards"

Axelrod had especially the time available to prepare the ground for Obama, whom he knows for 17 years. He led his race for Senate in 2004 and for the Presidential race did not want to leave anything to chance. He was sending with Obama operators at least four years before the other thought to candidate. "There were the days when the number of cameraman exceeded that of civilians" (the article by Wallace-Wells, 1 April 2007: "Obama's narrator," The New York Times).

From those four years of shooting, Axelrod has put together 5 minutes of video for the initial ad campaign of Obama! This, I believe, tells us all the seriousness with which Axelrod has prepared the arrival of Obama.

The same material Axelrod will use it to promote the emotional approach towards the public of Obama and at the same time to cover the policies gaps of Obama, making him more authentic possible, with a "everyday history" behind his backs.

Axelrod had available Biography. And this is the "school" of Carl Rove. Obama had 45 years and two autobiographical books instead of experience. Obama's campaign could be based only on his biography. One could not do otherwise. Axelrod was obliged to set it on the person, to whome was intended the crucial role of Interpreter and Seducer of the masses.

Axelrod had available the New. About the Campaign of Obama he said: "If we do the conventional campaign and present a conventional candidacy, we will lose" (Ben Wallace-Wells for "New York Times"). This confirms the awareness of Axelrod that in terms of real capacity, Obama could only lose against Clinton.

Axelrod had the ideal interpreter with speaking skills. To understand better  the role of Interpreter, let’s  see what Christopher Hayes tells for The NATION in February last year.

Where the phrase "Yes We Can" comes from?

 Axelrod had prepared the campaign for Deval Patrick, who became the governor of Massachusetts. Friend of Obama, Patrick, as Obama, was not favored.

"On the evening of convincing victory of Obama, the crowd and the candidate have joined in singing "Yes We Can", and seeing  the video of Patrick, you hear singing the exact same thing from the crowd."

Hayes then continue, saying that what Patrick and Obama have in common is Axelrod, who was strategist of both. "It 'been Axelrod to write those advertising and come out with the phrase" Yes We Can ".

When Hayes to Axelrod stresses the similarities between the races of the two candidates, Axelrod replied: "I do not bring these messages to candidates, I seek candidates able to simplify and reflect these messages." We collaborate, adds Axelrod. "They take  what I bring them and they improve, they deliver it because they believe in that." And 'how do riffing with great musicians. "

 I  "suggest",  they  "perform"

The campaign of Patrick was the preparation of the strategy for Obama. Let's see what is similar: the optimism, the constant presence of the biography of the candidate, advertisements reform that coincide with the pragmatism of the candidate, stressing that the normal categories policies are not working.  And in the end the same slogan shouted by the crowd: "Yes we can".

But what was important is the symbolism given to both candidates, bringing the constant attention on the nature of “HISTORICAL” component of running for president!

What Axelrod has learned from its failures, was not that the message was not received, but that was truly reflect the messenger, must  "fit" .

Axelrod has learned many things from Carl Rove, who did Bush win twice. Especially that "every election is the reaction to the president" and then, in 2004 "has understood how to contain the stubbornness of Bush policy a virtue."

The Dark side of the Force

But there is one thing that puts Axelrod to the "dark side" in comparison with Penn or Rove, skilled in playing with the weak side of its protégé, reversing the weakness  in advantageous virtue under a different light. But this is entirely legal, because our weaknesses may actually be our strengths and vice versa.
To understand what can be the basis for moving towards this strange not at all legal means, look who is Axelrod.

Born in a family of middle class Jews. Mother journalist has guided the "focus groups" for a company advertising. Axelrod has loved politics since childhood. It is said that already at the age of 10 years demonstrates his passion for politics. He was nineteen years when his father, psychologist, leaves the family and takes away life in his study. Axelrod, entered the University of Chicago, becomes the man of the newspaper, where Tribune seems replaced his family. While studying he married Susan Landau, with her will have three children. He graduated in the meantime, at 27 years was already at the top of the newspaper “steps”.

Once "arrived", he moved  to the next challenge and more attractive, that "politics", who had dreamed of and wanted as a boy.

In 1984 leaves Tribune to the campaign of Paul Simon and learn the job quickly. At the end of the campaign, Axelrod with Forest Claypool, one of the Members of his campaign, opened his own company for consulting.

In the "spider's web" all useful

This link will return to Axelrod useful for Obama, because for his candidacy Axelrod will need to ask the people who vote to do something that had never done before: to vote the black candidate. For this reason, served "the neutral guarantor, newspapers or institutional support." Axelrod for this role chose Senator Paul Simon, much loved among voters. Pity, that date the man had a surgery and died the next day. But Axelrod not surrendered. He chose the daughter of Senator, Sheila Simon, who made a link between her father and Obama, saying "that are made of the same dough."

Then, Axelrod connect Obama to another candidate, Harold Washington, and as a result Obama did seem a historical figure in TV spots.

In 1987, Axelrod helped Washington to be re-elected mayor of Chicago. He was the first black mayor of the city. When he was elected the first time, Axelrod who worked at the time for Tribune, wrote him that "he was an extraordinary guy" and that: "It was one of the most positive campaigns that I've ever seen".

The Chicago of whites did not have the same vision. "The city was paralyzed," said Axelrod. "The media have called" Beirut on the lake ".

It’s curious that Harold Washington in the first elections took 8% of the votes of whites, while in the second round, with Axelrod, took 20% of the votes of whites.

A new specialization

Axelrod specializes in the elections of black candidates:  Dennis Archer in Detroit, Michael White in Cleveland, Antony Williams in DC, Lee Brown in Huston and John Street in Philadelphia.

He refines his techniques to convince those who are not blacks to vote for a black President of the USA.

Let's see what the Axelrod’s  colleagues said about him. Hayes reports: "He is one with the principles, but is not a philanthropist. Candidates for which he worked had the good money and he has done much fine money doing what he did. "

At the same time, Axelrod prepares creating negative publicity. It remains a memorable that his company has amazed even those who knew him well.

In 1998, Axelrod worked for John Schmidt in the primary for governor. It remained impressed as Axelrod, in spots that assembled for TV, did reveal opponent Schmidt, the congressman Glenn Poshard, centre-right, almost like Adolf Hitler in person.

The model for "the perfect campaign"

Axelrod was already ready for an extraordinary candidate, who had all that served to make the best of life, shot by master. Missing only the last touch, the model for the campaign of Obama, and found it in the campaign of Deval Patrick for governor of Massachusetts.

In what consisted this model? The campaign of Patrick, as we had seen, Axelrod had optimism based on the biography of the candidate, the message of reform, as the current policy was not able to make changes, and could not miss the crowd who shouted: "Yes we can", which will use easily  in the campaign of Obama. At the end arrives attention to the “historical” nature of candidature, to create a movement that could support the candidate even if there were reasons to suspect that the candidate was capable of doing that "historic" role.

An excellent model for a great purpose: to create an ideal candidate to become the President of the United States.

Lets see what says Wallace Wells about Axelrod at the opening day of Patrick in Boston: "Really I thought of that thing of Obama, and I believe that there are extraordinary moments for which it is worth working, like to be in a White House instead at the Massachusetts Statehouse. "

The "case" of billionaire  Blair Hull

Axelrod knew Obama since Obama had 30 years. For him had led the campaign for the primaries for the Senate in 2004. We see now how Axelrod has paved the way for Senator Obama.

Were running the billionaire Blair Hull, favored liberal on all fronts and an unknown black candidate Barack Obama. About a month before voting The Chicago Tribune creates a scandal that totally ruin the career of Hull, including 28 million dollars invested by Hull in the same campaign. Opening the file of divorce from Hull’s second wife, full of facts about physical violence, made Hull loser and delivered an easy  victory to Obama. Only after was discovered that behind the opening of those files were Axelrod.

There should be noted that the Obama television campaign started in coincidence with the beginning of the scandal. But “master touch” of Axelrod was his ability to organize a lively protest of women against violence! It must be said that Axelrod never fail these "details", which complement its framework.

Everybody suspected of Axelrod, including those which knew him well, but he with peace immediately declared: "We have nothing to do with this." The Tribune reporter, who wrote the original article admitted after that: "The team of Obama has worked aggressively behind the scenes to push the story."

From the negative publicity to the negative  facts

Bill Daley, long-time friend, says about Axelrod: "David was very good in the bad publicity. But he understood that this campaign is not and that Barack Obama is not that candidate. "Indeed, from the negative publicity Axelrod passed to the negative facts.

The case of Hull confirm this but not only. The last "sex-scandal" of McCan (revealed by New York Times) involving  Vicki Iseman, lobbyist, is just confirmation of the type of work that Axelrod applies behind the scenes to discredit opponents of Obama. Even here, we just have to wait for confirmation, since we are still too close to have answers, that as rule always come later. While we are waiting for confirmation, this is what New York Times says in the profile of Axelrod: "While many consultants are fighting the last war, David fights the next." Axelrod is good in his profession. Thinks early about the next move.

So, Axelrod believes that the "question Hillary" has already closed after the latest victories of his protégé Obama. "When I become a president of the United States…" Obama said in his speech in Virginia in Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner in Richmond. "There is nothing impossible if the American people decide that the time has come." Shortly we will see if Axelrod and Obama have done well their diabolical job.

De gustibus…

Even if we like Obama or we don’t, tastes can not be discussed. But Axelrod, yes we can and much. It’s clear the plan on which this struggle for power was based. In the case of Obama in terms of Emotions and for Hillary in terms of Topics.

As in the case of Bush and all the others, will be the story to prove the true nature of the "chosen" through their works. But what is curious in this story is Axelrod and what will be with him. Because, whoever uses the negative energies ,from the point of view of Mental Magic, must expect the return of waves of this used energy.

About Hillary, in this campaign has been said everything and more, but nothing so shocking except that she wants the power, and that has the experience and ability to hold it and drive a nation with 300 million people, now on the verge of recession.

In this sense one thing in particularly caught my attention. The story of Hillary Clinton in light of this campaign and Axelrod ties with the former First Lady.

Hillary that we do not know

Axelrod and his wife have three children, including the firstborn daughter Lauren, who suffers from chronic epilepsy and lives in Chicago in a house community. The family with Axelrod had created a Foundation "Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE)”, led by David's wife, Susan. The First Lady of the United States, Hillary, was one of the largest and most important "found raisers" for this foundation, in comparison with which all others are symbolic.

For the record, in January 1999, President Clinton suffered process of "impeachment" for the Levinski case in the Senate. And Hillary had in those days set intervention for fundraising. Despite the dramatic situation in her private life and not only, Hillary went to the foundation, spending hours and hours in the Presbiterian Hospital, visiting children, while the journalists besieged with questions about her husband. Waiting to begin his speech at evening in Drake Hotel for fundraising, Hillary passed all the annotations on how to help children and find the cure for this disease. Wallace-Wells remembers what Susan Axelrod told him: "That was one of the most important things that someone has done for epilepsy."

“The thing” that has not prevented her husband to do his best to bury the career of this woman. Curious?

Maybe Oprah, the great supporter of Obama,  did not know about this "detail" before joining his campaign, without noticing to be for Obama only one step towards the podium.

And being here, let me underline one thing. Western societies are those that highlight the family as the basic unit of society, loving neighbor and forgiveness, as the values we can not do without, I wonder how come in case of Hillary this has not been recognized. She has been able to save her family at a time of crisis. She has been able to forgive her man and save his dignity, both human than political. And that she did well, confirms the relationship with her daughter Chelsie, grown well, with a solid character, that much to help her mother in the primaries together with father.

Let's be the generation… the challenges for the future

No matter if Don Rose, political consultant in Chicago, and former consultant of Obama said about him: "he is a clever type, knows politics, knows how to write a good sentence with a subject, an object and the verb", thus explaining well the role of Axelrod in this "obscure construction " in his " magic work ".

Obama, who began his ascent talking about Lincoln, making of his promises for the future the central theme of his campaign: "Let's be the generation…", repeated his "Challenges for the Future": poverty, environment, new energy, didn’t have in his curriculum one evening so unforgettable as that of Hillary made for Axelrod and his family.

The curious thing is that nobody has ever reported that he was so enchanted by the life of Lincoln, as it appears from his speeches. Wallace-Wells, without notice of possible links, tells how Axelrod had the house full of biographies of "Abe" Lincoln. But how? Axelrod's house was full of books on Lincoln and not Obama’s house?

What Axelrod admired about Lincoln, says Wallace-Wells, was not only the philosophy but its "effectiveness" policy.

And as we talk about political "effectiveness", I wonder what Obama had done during all his years in the Senate? It was in 2002 that he declared against the war. Then, seven years sitting in the Senate, for this "cause" so much "his" did nothing, but says that will do in the future.

There is logic in "Obama’s political effectiveness".  Why he should do something before? What if he does not win? Let's go first to win and after we will stop wars, was probably Obama’s logic. Ad he dedicated to the fundraising. A chapter worthy of an entire book.

I ‘ll give here only a few hints.

"Tony" Rezko and Co.

One stands above all foundraisers for Obama: "Tony" Rezko.  Old friends (something like 20 years of friendship). To Obama, Rezko has donated more than $ 50,000, according to the books that record fund-raising and helped collect several million dollars.

Rezko was mentioned among those who helped Obama in the U.S. Senat Campaign finance committee (the sources of Sun Times, 2003), which has collected more than 14millioni dollars (sources of the Federal Election Commission), bringing concretely Obama in Washington in 2004.

To understand, he is the one involved in buying land on which stands the house of Obama, shoulders to shoulders with Rezko’s, for the purchase of which were lost between $ 300,000 between one passage and another (in favor of Obama ). The full price was $ 925,000, the sum that Obama could not afford, while the modest sum of $ 625,000, yes.

Rezko is the one that has received 3.5 million dollars from Auchi, Iraqi multi millionaire, in the Forbes list taking 279th place among the richest people in the world, which seems to "weigh" something like 3.1 trillion dollars. Rezko has used these 3.5 million dollars for his own pleasure, without making statements to the government. The money Rezko received in April 2007 in Chicago, through an account in Beirut, Lebanon. For this forgetfulness  Rezko expects the trial resumed yesterday, March 3. (Source: Associated Press, Mike Robinson, February 7, 2008.)

And probably for the long friendship with Rezko, Obama did not felt to accept the war in Iraq as everyone else?

In the world of Appearance

We live in the world of appearances. Often we wonder why certain things, so obvious, logical and reasonable, are not taken into account, while the other without any sense, yes. The fundamental values of society are preached, but fewer and fewer people follow them, because the "new product" is taken more than an "old value."

We do not realize why arguments valid, sensible and even useful to many, do not serve nothing and we continue with what we like, even when could harm. We plan to be masters of our lives and our destiny but in most cases it is not that way. We live sentenced to obey even when the "pot ready" who have served is full of contradictions, inconsistencies or is simply untrue.

The mind, not emotions, should govern the people, otherwise we remain subject to manipulation without notice anything. We can come to believe in anything, even that may exist "humanitarian war" that subjugation of women, reduced to the object, you can wrap in: "object of desire", "the oldest profession in the world" or some other name of convenience, to express that we care nothing as goes the world.

The ideas prepared by Axelrod for Obama are so abstract that it is almost impossible to contrast them. Speeches bright that much to disguise projects that are impossible. And all ideas laden with emotions. Who can resist? Just see how even in Italy anyone could identify with "Yes We Can". Any concept can stay inside.

What we live today will become history, which will not import to anyone. But could always serve for some new "fair war".

We are buried by the garbage, but not only that of Naples. The mental garbage in the form of war, violence, indifference, solitude became nightmare, politics.

Void of respect for human values, conquered with fatigue and at high price, we prepare for the arrival of the "best seller" USA: "Barbie" Obama, the first man doll.

Note 29.5.2008: Pluffed up in the U.S., deflated in Italy, “Barbie”Obama, in Italian version of Walter Veltroni, become “No you can’t”, thanks to Berlusconi’s victory. Bad sign for Axelrod if thinks to outdo Hillary this way. Intelligent people learn on other people mistakes!

Author: Valerija Brkljac

Text finished: 04.03.2008. in Milan

For your comments write to: zampa@zampa.net


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Translation ( 2008-05-29 ) made by Google BETA translator and with little help of my scolar english. 

The use of Mental  Magic

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